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Something tells me you’re ready

to feel amazing.

You’re done with that dreadful 5 pm “What’s for dinner?!?” feeling, AND

you deserve nourishing fulfilling homemade meals.

food story

You see, having the motivation to cook at the end of a long work day isn’t MAGIC (even though it feels like it),

it’s really about tuning into those parts of yourself that are the WHY behind your actions.

+ WHY do you want to cook?

+ WHAT is the intention behind your actions?

+ HOW can you commit to your goals of eating well?

Sure, it’s about the practical stuff, like the meal plans and shopping lists and recipe apps,

but it’s ALSO about digging a little deeper and finding your food story. What makes you tick?

What inspires you to cook?

food story

food story

Hi! I’m Chef Aliye!

I teach home cooks the tips and techniques they need to get the most flavor out of their food so that they can stay motivated to cook and enjoy delicious fulfilling meals night after night. 

Flavors evoke so much–from childhood memories to cherished times with loved ones, and ultimately remind us of our connection to each other. Flavor is what keeps me motivated to cook night after night.

I believe if we tap into our motivation for cooking–I call it our food story–the “work” it takes to cook homemade meals in our modern lives ceases to be work. Rather it becomes a joyous exploration of ourselves and our food story, even when we are tired or “too busy” to cook.

food story, meal planning

I started cooking as a teenager after being diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease. Cooking gave me a way to control my diet and health and also offered a connection to my family’s heritage.

After graduating culinary school and working in restaurants, I discovered I love sharing my passion for healthy food and Mediterranean flavors with others, and I started teaching cooking classes.

food story

But when my daughter was born a few years later, I found that finding the motivation to prepare homemade meals night after night was hard. I loved cooking, sure, AND I knew I believed deeply in the importance of home-cooked meals for my family’s health and happiness.

But why was I resorting to take-out meals so many nights a week? 

food story

Over time I developed a simple process to keep me connected to the flavors that I loved, which motivated me to create simple weeknight meals. I realized that in order to enjoy stress-free meals on a regular basis, I needed to tune-in to myself, my WHY, my food story, and make a few simple changes.

It’s time to discover the food story that’s unique to YOU.

Start by asking yourself

WHY do you CARE about prioritizing homemade meals in your life?

Why do you cook?

And then turn those WHY’s into actionable steps.

You’ll stop being overwhelmed

and start consistently creating healthy homemade meals

that improve your quality of life and health.

The A Good Carrot Membership is designed to support your journey.

Here’s how it works

Fresh Weekly Content

is delivered to the membership portal and notification sent to your devices every Sunday.



Once you tap into the WHY, meal ideas for the week just FLOW. Our members discover their process for creating meal plans that work for them. (Don’t worry, you’ll also have access to a vault of done-for-you plans, PLUS my best and favorite recipes.)



Exclusive videos, short tutorials, and other resources present the practical knowledge needed to help you get the most flavor out of your food. From knife skills to spices to which salt to use, you’ll feel more confident, making your time in the kitchen easier, quicker, and more fun!



A Good Carrot Members have a hand in shaping their membership exactly into what they need it to be. I communicate regularly with members (without being overwhelming!) to bring the content you NEED, including bringing in other experts when needed!



Once a month, I host members online in an hour-long live interactive cooking class. Since hands-on is ALWAYS the best way to learn. I’ll guide you through some of my favorite recipes, and you’ll have a meal at the end! 

I can have dinner ready for my family of three in under 30 minutes!”

Chef Aliye is truly passionate about creating recipes that are flavorful, delicious and easy to make. I can have dinner ready for my family of three in under 30 minutes is a win win for us! She is such an inspiration for redefining what a home cooked meal can be!

-Deanna Pratt, Mom and Entrepreneur

What’s Inside

A Good Carrot Members have access to all resources within our online portal. It’s an easy-to-use format, designed to help you keep track of your goals. Members stay inspired to cook and on track with their meal planning goals, without feeling overwhelmed.

+ Meal Planning Welcome Packet– Upon joining, you will be mailed a recipe welcome packet with three recipe cards, the sticker above, and a personal thank you note from Chef Aliye.

+ Virtual Cooking Classes— In small monthly interactive classes, Chef Aliye demonstrates some of her favorite recipes and cooking techniques.

+ Text Messages— You’ll be able to opt into updates sent directly to your phone that will keep you accountable and motivate you to meal plan for the week.

+ Seasonal Cooking— Learn to choose the freshest market ingredients and cook with what you have on hand.

+ How to Use Spices— Chef Aliye shares her passion and knowledge on the art of seasoning, and how to best use spices and herbs in your cooking.

+ Meal Plans– In addition to monthly meal plans, inside the membership portal is where Chef Aliye pulls back the curtain on her best meal planning strategies, learned through years of working in professional kitchens and teaching others to cook.

+ Bonus Video Basics– Bonus videos that teach fundamental basics (such as knife skills) in and can be referred to again and again.

+ Bonus Downloadable Extras–Useful resource guides to pin to your fridge for quick reference.

+ A Video Library— Videos are a great way to see recipes come to life and get motivation to try your hand at it!

+ Teaching— Chef Aliye shows everything she knows about cooking, creating fresh monthly content (delivered in weekly intervals) that will level-up your skills and help you make meals that you’re proud of.

Grab a sneak peak inside!

The cost for one of my single cooking classes is usually $35 each!

You’ll get that and so much more as an A Good Carrot Member for only $24.99 a month.

See what kind of results you can expect as an A Good Carrot Member

food story


No story is complete without a twist, right?

Last year I started to notice that in my private cooking classes, participants were intrigued by how I blended spices and tossed them into dishes here and there.

Honestly, I’d never given it much thought. Everyone knows how to use spices, right?


food story

As it turns out, people were thirsty for easy recipes and weeknight meals spiced to perfection, and Spice Club was born.

Spice Club members receive my newest spice blend creation 4 times a year. These are unique blends of freshly ground spices, straight from my kitchen to yours, which will equip you to whip up at least a dozen meals that have everyone asking “This flavor is amazing, what did you put in this?”

When you choose the Spice Club add-on to the A Good Carrot membership, there is a 30% savings for the year!

Start Discovering Your Food Story Today

We’re sorry, but our membership doors are closed!

In the meantime, please join our email list and receive the Art of Seasoning Guide! You will be notified when membership opens again.


What happens after I join?

Depending on the membership option you choose, you will be sent membership portal log-in details, and/or confirmation of your next Spice Club spice blend delivery. Spice Club members receive the new spice blend release in December, March, June, and September. 

How is the new content delivered?

A Good Carrot members receive notifications for new weekly content every Sunday, which is available through the membership portal and text message. Spice Club members receive their new spice blend in the mail quarterly, with emails containing new meal plans and recipes.

I’m vegetarian, will the membership work for me?

A Good Carrot and Spice Club membership support ALL ways of eating. We have vegetarian eaters, low-carb eaters, and everything in between. We provide recipes of all kinds, AND teach you how to adapt recipes for your needs.

When will my subscription renew?

For A Good Carrot monthly members, the recurring payment is processed every 30 days from date of purchase. For annual subscribers, renewal is not automatic. You will be invited to renew after your annual subscription has expired.  

Do I have to be on Facebook?

No! 🙂 100% of the course content is hosted directly within the private membership site and you can interact with other members using the comments section on each post. Members are always invited to ask questions for cooking classes in advance, and the video replays are always added to the membership site.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Full refunds are possibly within 48 hours of purchase. If you wish to cancel a monthly membership, it may be done at anytime, but past membership fees are NOT refundable. For annual memberships, they are paid in advance for the year!

May I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Definitely! Just email me for details aliye [at] agoodcarrot.com

You’ve downloaded all the meal plans,

gotten ingredients delivered, and yet you’re wondering WHY getting a healthy homemade meal together during the week is


Your bank account is feeling the brunt of eating out week after week, and if you’re honest, your digestion doesn’t feel so hot either.

That’s why, until November 30th, if you choose the dual membership option (A Good Carrot X Spice Club), I’ll make available to you a 30-minute customized meal planning consult. That’s a $150 value!

It includes flavor-packed recipes AND a customized 5-day meal plan, catered to your specific dietary needs.

food story

What better way to start 2021 then tuning into YOU, with the support of a membership that’s designed to help you discover YOUR food story so that you can tune into the motivation behind your actions for cooking,

stop wondering whats for dinner and start looking forward to healthy homemade meals.

So are you ready?

Why A Good Carrot?

well let me tell you a story…

A Good Carrot is named after an actual carrot I ate back in 2009.

Funny, right?

There I was, at the farmer’s market, picking up veggies for my (now closed)

produce delivery business, and I wiped one of those freshly-picked

carrots right on my jeans and took a bite. And guess what? I saw stars.

That’s right, my taste buds exploded

That carrot was sweet, earthy, crunchy, bursting with flavor,

and so satisfying! I had NEVER tasted a carrot as good

as that one, and I never forgot it. 

I consider A Good Carrot to be the foundation of every good meal.

Good ingredients. Good intentions. Good techniques. Good feelings.

Good connections. Good tasting. Good flavors. Good times!