It’s time to transform Dinner STRESS to dinner “YES!”

It’s time to transform Dinner STRESS to dinner “YES!”

Tell me, does this sound familiar?

You rushed out the door to work this morning after having a quick (or maybe no) breakfast.

You don't have time to pack a lunch most days, but that's okay, you'll eat out.

By late afternoon you're starving, slam a protein bar, and start the commute home.

You could stop by your favorite take-out spots , but that's not really what you want, since


You're STRESSED and DISAPPOINTED by how much money you spend eating out.

The truth is

You're OVERWHELMED by the thought of planning dinner, yet, at the same time,

craving nourishing home cooked food that's easy to prepare and makes you feel GOOD.


you just need a little extra support.

 You're so busy committing your time to others--your job, your friends, your family, that you forget how much you enjoy preparing and eating home-cooked food.



Here's what I've discovered.



Instead of DREADING the 5 o'clock hour when dinner is looming, imagine looking forward to it. Why?

Because you have a plan. Not a "spend all day Sunday making meals for the week" plan.

Not a "order an expensive meal kit service wrapped in entirely too much packaging" plan.

Not a "take-out every night this week" plan.


With your 8-week customized meal plan, delivered directly to your email inbox, all you have to do is:

--> Choose your favorite menus on the weekly plan;

--> Gather your ingredients;

--> Relax as you create a nourishing delicious dinner, night after night.


Feel ready, motivated, and relaxed even, by the idea of dinner.

Cooking becomes something to look forward to, instead of dreading as a CHORE.


Are you ready to ENJOY dinner again?



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