You’re a pretty good cook who believes in the value of homemade meals.

You like cooking, in fact you find it kinda relaxing. But at the end of a long work day, it honestly takes too much brain power to figure out what to make for dinner, and you wish someone else would just


tell you what's for dinner.

You're bored with your regular repertoire of dishes, but you're also too tired and busy to figure out how make something different that's going to taste good. You wish you knew how to easily add that 


special something to your meals.

What you really want is delicious easy healthy dinners on the table with minimal effort. 

You want to say "good-bye" to that dreadful hungry "what's for dinner" feeling for good.

You want to take one bite and feel the worries and stress of your day just float away.

In a perfect world, we want flavors that take us on a journey to our last vacation,

transport us to our favorite restaurant, or evoke our favorite childhood memory.

But achieving those experiences on busy hectic weeknights can be a challenge.


How can you possibly have time to go on a journey when you barely know what’s in the fridge?

Hi, I'm Aliye! I'm a natural foods chef who helps career-focused professionals create incredible weeknight meals, so that they can look forward to making dinner at the end of the day.

After 25 years experience of cooking professionally and at home for my family, I know how to bring flavor and excitement back to dinnertime.

I've helped hundreds of people realize what food can taste like, how easy crave-able homemade meals are to plan and prepare, and most importantly, that busy people too can cook satisfying meals at home.

I believe that home-cooked meals make us the healthiest and happiest, and I want you to look forward to dinner again at home without feeling overwhelmed.

I created Spice Club because I am passionate about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, and I love teaching people how to use spices to enhance their food.

Your Spice Club Membership will:

--> Make boring dinners taste incredible because you'll have the fabulous flavors of the world right at your fingertips.


--> Give you simple recipes to guide you through creating delicious and comforting meals in just minutes.


--> Make ordering take-out at the end of a long day a thing of the past, when you realize you can create those flavors at home for way less money!


--> Give your dinner party guests something to RAVE about--you'll get to decide if you want to pass along the secret of Spice Club!

So how does Spice Club work?

Choose Your Experience

We have 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions, so you can experience our spice blends for as long as you like.

Check out and pay

Using secure PayPal checkout, you can secure your experience. Gift options are available at check out.

Delivered Between 1st-15th of the Month

Order cut-off is the last day of the previous month, and your package will arrive between the 1st-15th. Know that dinner is going to be amazing!

With your Spice Club subscription you will get:

A proprietary spice blend that is sent to you every month with an ample amount for 10-12 meals. Each surprise spice blend is made fresh, just for your order!

3 exclusive recipes, highlighting that month's spice blend, plus exclusive access to meal plans on our website.

Suggested experiences for enjoying your spice blend, such as wine pairings and music recommendations.

Stories about the spice blend, including historical facts, travel adventures, plus regions and cuisines where the spice blend is commonly used.

As a Spice Club member, you'll know what's for dinner even before walking in the front door.

You'll look forward to relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day, as you

effortlessly put together a delicious easy healthy dinner. 


You deserve magical meals and

I know you're ready to 

finally look forward to dinner.