Mediterranean Meal Plans

Are you bored by dinner? Do you want to cook more flavorful meals, but feel intimidated by unfamiliar ingredients? Do you ignore the herb and spice sections at the grocery store, because you just feel at a loss for what to buy?

What if you could demystify herbs and spices and incorporate them into your cooking? 

What if you could effortlessly prepare Mediterranean-style flavor filled meals with new and exciting flavors?

With A Good Carrot’s Mediterranean Meal Plan Subscription, you will feel confident to cook flavorful Mediterranean-style meals 5 nights per week, tasting the delicious victory every time you sit down to eat.

Aliye Aydin


Being raised in a Mediterranean family and having traveled throughout the Mediterranean region, I know how to recreate the sun-soaked flavors found in this ancient cuisine.

Trained as a whole-foods chef, I know how to bring these flavors home and incorporate them into delicious and healthful weekly meal plans for you and your loved ones.

For me, inspiration comes from igniting my senses–with fresh ingredients, powerful herbs and spices, and simple meal plans. I want to share my passion for planning fast, fresh, and flavorful Mediterranean-style meals with you.



A Good Carrot’s Mediterranean Meal Plan Subscription will:

->Awaken your senses with exciting new flavors of Mediterranean herbs and spices;

–>Simplify shopping and preparation–meal plans are emailed weekly on Thursday mornings with printable menus, shopping lists and tips, meal prep tasks;

–>Solve the eternal “What’s For Dinner?” question, so you can enjoy cooking and leave the planning to us;

–>Explore herbs and spices with helpful tips, potential health benefits and their fascinating history.

You will come away with the confidence to create your own crave-able Mediterranean-style herb and spice filled meals. You will have in your hands what it takes to succeed–the confidence to plan, create, and execute an exciting flavor-filled meal from start to finish, all on a schedule that fits with today’s busy lifestyles.

Subscribe to A Good Carrot’s Mediterranean Meal Plans for $19.99 per month (that’s less than $1 per dinner!) and your first meal plan will arrive on Thursday morning.

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