Tell me, does this sound familiar?

You rushed out the door to work this morning after having a quick (or maybe no) breakfast.

You don't have time to pack a lunch most days, but that's okay, you'll eat out.

By late afternoon you're starving, slam a protein bar, and start the commute home.

You could stop by one of your favorite take-out spots, but that's not really what you want, since


You're STRESSED and DISAPPOINTED by how much money you spend eating out.

The truth is

You're OVERWHELMED by the thought of planning dinner

You keep telling yourself that you're going to meal plan

next week

You'll get your act together and plan some meals and

make a list and go shopping, but then another week goes by...


when is it going to stop?

Let's get real, what you want is

                                                                     --> Nourishing home cooked meals that are easy to prepare and make you feel GOOD

                                                                    --> Motivation and inspiration to plan meals, go shopping, and cook dinner

                                                                   --> Relaxation at the end of a long work day, instead of dreading dinner

                                                                   --> Connection with your loved ones over a home made meal after a long day of being apart

                                                                   --> Momentum towards your health and well-being goals

                                                                   --> Satisfaction while eating, not just following another diet plan

but you just don't know how to make it happen.

You're stuck in a cycle

you've tried diet plans

you've tried meal kits

you've tried giving up, but really

something is missing

It's time to start seeing meal planning as an integral part of life,

As a non-negotiable, a skill to learn, and start by building

a strong base

of understanding that will help you

form new habits

The more you understand your motivation for meal planning, the more likely you are to get to dinner "YES!"


The biggest mistakes I see when it comes to meal planning are:

Mistake #1

You're so busy committing your time to others--your job, your friends, your family--that you forget to nourish yourself.


Mistake #2

You make big plans, but aren't so good at executing. You end up with a fridge full of rotting food and a guilty conscience to go along with it.

Mistake #3

You fill your kitchen with all the newest gadgets, thinking they will give you more time, but the truth is, you need a PLAN, not more STUFF.

Mistake #4

You're bored with what you make regularly, so you pick more complex recipes, only to find you don't have the time to cook them!

Here's what I've discovered.


For far too long, while working full time, I was struggling with eating a balanced healthy meal every night.

Dinner time would roll around, and I was FILLED WITH DREAD, feeling like a failure that I wasn't able to take care of myself and my family.

Once I decided to COMMIT and understood my MOTIVATION for meal planning, I LOOKED FORWARD to cooking.

I prioritized MY time to nourish myself, and things changed. The stress was gone. I was saving money. And FEELING GOOD.

 I had a plan, and wondered

What took me long to do this?!

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