Kitchen Warrior Invitation

Are you ready for healthy homemade meals without the stress?

Here’s the scoop:

Kitchen Warriors is…

(healthy dinner ideas and meal prep inspiration sent directly to your phone!)

– The motivation you need to commit to cooking healthy weeknight dinners in 2020.
– A simple tool for you to succeed in nourishing yourself during the week.
– Accountability and support in realizing your homemade dinner goals.

What’s the commitment?

Every Sunday morning for 9 weeks, you’ll receive a text message from me, Chef Aliye, with healthy dinner ideas for the week. The recipes I send are designed to be prepared easily on a weeknight, or made ahead and reheated.

how to roast zucchini

As a Kitchen Warrior, you’ll receive:

-3 delicious recipes weekly 

-Weekly meal prep tasks for dinner success!

-2x/month exclusive short cooking videos specific to the recipes-My downloadable meal planning guide

-9 midweek check-ins for support and accountability

-Direct access to Chef Aliye via private message with your cooking questions!


March: Simplicity (I’ll share my tips for simplifying meal prep and weeknight cooking so it fits seamlessly into everyday busy lives). 

April: Flavor (learn how to get the most flavor out of your dishes with proper cooking techniques and ingredients!)

May: Flow (Motivation to create lasting habits for a healthy eating lifestyle)

healthy dinner idea

Participation in Kitchen Warriors will:

-give you the confidence to prepare healthy weeknight meals

-add easy “go-to” recipes to your weekly repertoire that won’t break your brain OR your pocketbook

-inspire you to try meal prep tips for planning ahead 

-give you time-saving and organizational tips

-present options for different eating styles, such as vegetarian and low-carb 

cooking inspiration

Your investment:

Kitchen Warrior 9-week membership: $99

Kitchen Warrior membership + 2 private online cooking sessions with Chef Aliye: $299

What would it be like to be a Kitchen Warrior in 2020?

Unlike expensive over-packaged meal kit services, take-out night after night, or a produce box delivery that rots in your fridge, a Kitchen Warrior membership offers a workable solution to keep you on track with your goals, all for about $1 per day.

If you’re still frustrated by how hard it seems to sit down to a healthy homemade meal on a consistent basis, Kitchen Warriors will help get you on track for enjoying yourself and relaxing while making dinner. 

From a previous group participants:

“I was a terrible meal prepper before, but with Aliye’s tips I’ve become more efficient in managing my time.” 

“I have dozens of cookbooks but found that having a prompt and commitment made it more engaging. I am happy to say I have been more in the kitchen this last month than in the last year.” 

“Having ideas and recipes already picked out made it so much fun and less stressful.”
“I am inspired to try more recipes. Also, I can see what tools I am missing or what is making it harder for me to keep up with cooking, such as good prep, cutting in advance.”

Kitchen Warriors starts March 15th.

 I look forward to cooking with you!
Chef Aliye