About Aliye Aydin

About Aliye Aydin

I'm a professional chef who makes it easier for busy go-getters to enjoy incredible, fresh homemade meals, while relaxing and enjoying themselves.

With 25 years of cooking experience (and a family who demands home cooking!) I know how to easily inject excitement and flavor into every kind of  meal. I’m especially passionate about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines (hello, lime and turmeric chicken!!) and I love teaching people simple ways to make their food more delicious.

I was raised in California by my American mother and Turkish father. I cook mostly Mediterranean-style cuisine--using lots of fresh veggies and wholesome ingredients, with spices in just the right places, all to create vibrant and easy crave-able meals!

My passion for cooking was ignited when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease at age 15, which ultimately led me to discover the ability of natural, wholesome food to heal my body. Even though I attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, worked in professional kitchens around the country, and even owned a farm-to-door home delivery business for 8 years, it wasn't until my daughter was born that I "got it".

I was running my business more than full time, and we were spending entirely too much money eating out (embarrassing for a trained chef!). But I was just SO TIRED from long days working, AND of spending too much money, that I decided to make a commitment to planning most of our meals. This led me to finally realize that meal planning is a game changer for my health and happiness.

I've helped hundreds of people realize that restaurants aren’t the only option when it comes to memorable mealtimes, and that enjoying freshly-cooked food at home is possible on even the busiest of schedules. I share my love of Turkish food and teach seasonal farm-fresh cooking classes.  I collaborate with like-minded chefs to host pop-up dinners, and was a featured chef in 2018 at local Long Beach music festival, Music Tastes Good. You can read more about my story in Voyage LA.

I offer cooking classes, culinary coaching services, and a spice box subscription service called Spice Club.

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