Ready to kiss boring weeknight dinners good-bye?

And to quickly whip up dishes that taste like your favorite restaurant food?


Find out how Spice Club can make you feel like you're sampling cuisines

from all over the world in the comfort of your own kitchen

(and generally make Tuesday evenings a million times more exciting!)

"YES!" "OMG!" "THAT'S SO GOOD!" rings through the air when the first bite of dinner hits your lips.


At least that's what you want to hear every night when you plunk yourself down to a meal after a long day at work.


But for that to happen, you need to be motivated to cook dinner. You don't want complicated recipes that take too long to make (and might be total duds), and you don't want a healthy dinner that, well...tastes healthy.


Instead, what you want is to look forward to making easy healthy dinners. To relax after a long day, and be excited to transform simple ingredients into your favorite meals.


You deserve home-cooked meals that make you healthy and happy.

Hi, I'm Aliye. 

I'm a natural foods chef who helps career-focused professionals create incredible weeknight meals, so that they can look forward to making dinner at the end of the day.

After 25 years experience of cooking professionally and at home for my family, I know how to bring flavor and excitement back to dinnertime. I am passionate about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, and I love teaching people how to use spices to enhance their food.

I've helped hundreds of people realize what food can taste like, how easy crave-able homemade meals are to plan and prepare, and most importantly, that busy people too can cook satisfying meals at home.

I believe that home-cooked meals make us the healthiest and happiest, and I want you to look forward to dinner again at home without feeling overwhelmed.