Homemade Meals prepared just for you

meal prep services - cooking classes - unique dining experiences

"YES!" "OMG!" "THAT'S SO GOOD!" rings through the air when the first bite of food hits your lips.

The flavors are incredible. The ingredients are fresh. And the atmosphere is amazing.


And guess what?


This scene isn’t happening in a restaurant that it’s taken you forty minutes to drive to

(after you’ve already commuted and sat in the car for hours)...

This scene is happening in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by people you love.

Truth Bomb:

Eating a homemade meal -- while relaxing and enjoying yourself -- DOESN’T have to feel like an impossible goal.

You can look forward to dinner without feeling stressed out (and know that a delicious dinner is only a few minutes away).

Here's How We Can Get You That:

Meal Prep Services

Make dinnertime easy with my homemade meals. Order meals for pick up, or contact me for customized meals prepared for you in your home. You'll save time and keep your family fed for days. Schedule a free consultation today!

Cooking Classes

Hang with your friends while learning something new! In my fun technique-centered classes, we prepare a fresh and delicious meal together while chatting about all things food. I am also available for one-on-one culinary coaching sessions.

Unique Dining Experiences

My pop-up dinners and private dining services are perfect for an inspired date night idea, an upcoming special occasion, or for feeding 20 people at your next birthday celebration. Let me handle the food so you can enjoy the party!

Hi, I'm Aliye. 

I'm a professional chef who makes it easier for busy go-getters to enjoy incredible, fresh homemade meals, while relaxing and enjoying yourself.

With 25 years of cooking experience (and a family who demands home cooking!) I know how to easily inject excitement and flavor into every kind of  meal. I’m especially passionate about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines (hello, lime and turmeric chicken!!) and I love teaching people simple ways to make their food more delicious.

I've helped hundreds of people realize that restaurants aren’t the only option when it comes to memorable mealtimes, and that enjoying freshly-cooked food at home is possible on even the busiest of schedules.

Are you ready to --

--> Find joy in making dinner for your family again?

--> Know you have amazing, high-quality food in your fridge when you come home from work at night?

--> Redefine what homemade meals can look like?

--> Have an incredible evening in with your friends around the dinner table, without having to lift a finger in the kitchen?

It’s happened for my clients.

Let’s make it happen for you too.


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