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I'm going to let you in on a secret

healthy dinner
Chef Aliye

I'm a professional chef. But even I used to struggle to find the energy to whip up delicious imaginative meals on weeknights, when I'd walk in the door and greet my seven-year-old daughter after 10-hour days at work.

So I relied on eating out and the occasional frozen meal.

But here’s the thing about eating out...

It was eating a HOLE in my bank balance.

And the thing about frozen meals…

… is that most of the seasoning they have in them is SALT.

So when it got to the point where our kitchen table was gathering dust because we never freakin’ ate at it (because we were out at restaurants or eating instant meals off of our knees in front of the TV), I knew that something had to change.


healthy dinner

The problem for me wasn’t having the motivation to buy fresh produce for my home.

The problem was finding the time and mental energy to figure out what to do with that produce.

I came up with a fool proof method for organizing meals, which I've put together in a meal planning cheat sheet just for you.